Does curling damage my hair?


Curlers are powerful styling tools and must always be used with care. As with all curlers that reach salon high temperatures, do not use the appliance frequently to avoid damage to the hair.
If you use the curler according to the instructions in the user manual, you will find that you do not damage your hair by using the curler. Do not leave the curler too long in your hair (not more than 10 seconds). If you do not achieve the desired look the first time, repeat the same procedure again after 20 seconds.
Moreover, we recommend that you give your hair a full day's or night's rest to recover between the curling sessions. In some cases some damage such as split ends or dried-out hair may occur. In those cases you can use special shampoo to wash your hair or you can apply a heat serum or hair balm after you have washed your hair. To further prevent damage to the hair, we advise you to keep the curler clean and free of dust and dirt. Dirt could damage the curler and a damaged curler could cause hairs to break or could cause hair to get caught. Summarizing, you can use your curler on a regular basis, but the more often you use it, the more care you need to take with your hair. Take care of your hair with special hair care products for curling.

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