The appliance does not work. What can I do?


There can be several reasons why your appliance does not work:

1. Check if the appliance is correctly plugged in and switched on.
- For heatstylers: Press the on/off button until the display lights up or move the on/off slide switch to the I position. Then select a temperature and wait a minute to let the appliance heat up.
- For dryers: Select an airflow setting.

2. Check if the power supply works.
If it does not, plug in another appliance to check whether the socket is live.

3. Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance (type-plate) corresponds to the local voltage of the country you are in.

4. Check if the cord is damaged.

If the cord is damaged, unplug it immediately. You must have it replaced by Philips, a service centre authorized by Philips or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

5. If the appliance still does not work:
- Please check the guarantee period: your appliance needs to be repaired or replaced.
- For further information, please contact the Philips Customer Care Center in your country. You find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee leaflet.
- If there is no Consumer Care Center in your country, go to your local Philips dealer.

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