How do I use the diffuser?


Volume diffuser
The volume diffuser has been specially developed to gently dry both straight and curly or wavy hair.
The volume diffuser emits a gentle airflow and allows you to give your style volume and bounce.
1 Snap the diffuser onto the appliance. 
To disconnect the volume diffuser, pull it off the appliance.
To add volume at the roots, insert the pins into your hair in such a way that they touch your scalp. 
2 Make rotating movements with the appliance to distribute the warm air evenly through your hair. 


 Drying tips
Curly or wavy hair
Hold the diffuser at a distance of 10-15cm from your head to let the hair dry gradually.  
In the meantime, you can style your hair with your free hand or with a comb.
You can also scrunch locks of hair in your hand to model the curls and waves while drying. This prevents the curls from sagging or becoming frizzy.
Long hair
To dry long hair, you can spread out locks of hair on top of the diffuser. 
Alternatively, you can comb the hair downwards with the pins of the diffuser while drying. 

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