What should I do when the motor of my appliance makes an odd sound or runs at an abnormal speed?


If your appliance produces an odd sound or its motor runs at an abnormal speed, this may have the following causes:

  • You press the appliance too firmly onto the skin.
    • Press the appliance less hard on the skin.
  • You may be using the appliance at the wrong voltage.
    • Make sure the voltage indicated on the adapter corresponds with the local voltage.
  • Check if the epilating head has been cleaned properly.
    • If it is not clean, remove the epilating head from the appliance and clean it.
  • You use the appliance professionally.
    • This appliance is only intended for home use. If you use the appliance professionally, it will reach the end of its life earlier.
  • Check the appliance and the epilating head for broken parts.
    • If the epilating head is damaged, replace it. If you hear loose parts rattle inside the appliance, stop using it and take it to your local Philips dealer or call the Philips Consumer Care Center.

If the appliance continues to produce an odd sound or run too fast and this is not due to broken parts, take the appliance to your local Philips dealer or call our Philips Consumer Care Center.


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