Why does the pump have no suction?


Check the following:
1. Check the white valve is connected with the star shape facing upwards, if facing downwards the pump will have no suction (this is only for the manual breast pump). Check whether the duckbill valve has a crack or a tear, if so it is advisable to replace it (this is only for the electronic breast pumps).
2. Check that the petal massager is flush against the milk funnel, encourage the cushion as far as possible into the trumpet and down the tube section of the pump body, removing any air from behind the cushion, which could be resulting in the lack of suction.
3. Check the diaphragm is fitted securely with no air loss, which may also result in no suction.
4. Smear a little Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly around the rim of the cushion to help give a good seal around the breast when pumping, to avoid loosing the vacuum.

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