What can I do to maintain the cleaning performance of this vacuum cleaner?


Possible causes

The cleaning performance of this vacuum cleaner can be affected by several factors:
1. The motor protection filter becoming clogged over time.
2. The exhaust filter becoming dirty over time.
3. The dustbag filling up or getting clogged over time.


1. Clean the motor protection filter every time you replace the disposable dustbag or empty the reusable dustbag. The motor protection filter holder is located behind the dustbag. Remove the dustbag holder with the dustbag to get access to the motor protection filter. Take the filter out of the vacuum cleaner and shake the filter over a trash can to clean it. Never use the appliance without the motor protection filter. This could damage the motor and shorten the life of the appliance.

2. If the exhaust filter is dirty, remove it and replace it with a new exhaust filter. You will find the exhaust filter on the back of the appliance behind a removable grille.

Some vacuum cleaners come with a washable exhaust filter. To see if you have a washable exhaust filter, check the filter frame. If it does not say 'washable' on the frame, look at the type plate of the appliance to find the type number. The following vacuum cleaners also have a washable filter: FC8611- FC8619, FC8910-FC8919. A washable filter must be replaced after it has been cleaned under the faucet four times or after two years of use.

IMPORTANT: Never clean the filter with a brush.
IMPORTANT: The filter cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher
IMPORTANT: Make sure the filter is completely dry when you put it back in the appliance 


a. To clean the filter, take it out of the appliance. Rinse the pleated side of the filter under a slow-running hot faucet. Hold the filter in such a way that the pleated side points upwards and the water flows parallel to the pleats. Hold the filter at an angle so that the water washes away the dirt inside the pleats.
b.Turn the filter 180° and let the water flow along the pleats in opposite direction.
c. Carefully shake the water from the surface of the filter. Let the filter dry at least 2 hours before you put it back into the vacuum cleaner.

NOTE: Cleaning does not restore the original color of the filter, but does restore its filtration power.
NOTE: To guarantee optimal dust retention and performance of the vacuum cleaner, always replace the exhaust filter with an original Philips filter.

3. Replace the dustbag as soon as the dustbag-full indicator (see the figure for an example) has changed color permanently, i.e. even when the nozzle is not placed on the floor.

NOTE: When you use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum ashes, fine sand, lime, cement dust and similar substances, the pores of the dustbag become clogged. As a result, the dustbag-full indicator will indicate that the dustbag is full. Replace the disposable dustbag or empty the reusable dustbag, even if it is not full yet (see chapter ‘Replacing/emptying the dustbag’).

IMPORTANT: Only use Philips disposable dustbags or a Philips reusable dustbag with this appliance. Other dustbags might damage the motor of this appliance. Never reuse a disposable dustbag.

You can find more information in the user manual. If the above solution(s) did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care.

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