The inside of the dustbag compartment is very dirty.


Possible causes

It is normal for the dustbag compartment to become slightly dirty. If the compartment becomes very dirty, this may have several causes:
1. The dustbag is not installed properly.
2. The dustbag is damaged.


1. Check that the dustbag is installed properly or if it needs to be replaced. The cover cannot be closed if no dustbag has been inserted or if the cardboard tag of the dustbag is out of shape.

2. Check if the dustbag is damaged. If the dustbag is torn, dirt will leak into the dustbag compartment and could damage the appliance. Replace a damaged dustbag as soon as possible.

More information on how to clean the filters and replace the dustbag can be found in the user manual. You can download the user manual of your vacuum cleaner model under ‘Product support’ on the left side of this page.

NOTE: When you use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum ashes, fine sand, lime, cement dust and similar substances, the pores of the dustbag become clogged. As a result, the dustbag-full indicator will indicate that the dustbag is full. Replace the disposable dustbag or empty the reusable dustbag, even if it is not full yet (see chapter ‘Replacing/emptying the dustbag’).

IMPORTANT: Only use Philips disposable dustbags or a Philips reusable dustbag with this appliance. Other dustbags might damage the motor of this appliance. Never reuse a disposable dustbag.

If the above solution(s) did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care.

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