What makes this Robust Collection Juicer a great culinary tool?


  • Philips has developed a special micro-mesh filter with high extraction ribs which helps you to squeeze every drop from your fruits and vegetables. Due to the ribs, the juice particles will remain longer on the sieve, which increases the separation percentage between juice (entering the sieve foil) and pulp (going to the pulp container). This results in more juice.
  • The Juicer comes with a 9 cm-wide feeding tube. This allows you to put in even very large (parts of) fruits and vegetables, for example, big apples.
  • It has a drip-stop; when lifted, this feature will prevent the juicer from dripping on your counter top. The drip-stop also is detachable, is dishwasher safe, and is very easy to clean by hand with the special brush that is by packed with the Robust Juicer.

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