Some of the ingredients inside the filter cannot be processed. What should I do?


  • Cut fruits into smaller pieces and soak dried pulses, such as soy beans, before you process them in the filter.
  • Never overload the filter. Do not fill the filter beyond the metal part.
  • When you process a large quantity, we advise you not to put all the ingredients in the filter at the same time. Start by processing a small quantity and let the appliance run for a few seconds. Then switch off the appliance and add another small quantity. Repeat this procedure until you have processed all the ingredients. Always keep the lid on the blender jar during processing.
  • To get the best result when you make fruit juices and cocktails, add approx. 300 ml water to 150 g fruit. You can also use other liquids, e.g. to make cocktails. 
  • To make tomato juice, cut the tomatoes in four and drop the pieces through the opening in the lid onto the rotating blades.

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