When and how do I have to descale the steamer?


Descale the steamer after you have used it for 15 hours.

To descale the steamer, please follow the descaling instructions below:

  1. Fill the water tank with white vinegar (8% acetic acid) up to the maximum level. Do not use any other kind of descaler.
  2. Put the drip tray, the steaming bowls, and the soup/rice bowl on the base properly
  3. Put the lid on top the soup/rice bowl
  4. Put the plug in the wall outlet
  5. Turn the steaming time adjustment knob to set a steaming time of 25 minutes.  
     Note: If the vinegar starts to boil over the edge of the base, unplug the appliance and reduce the amount of vinegar.
  6. When the steaming time has elapsed, unplug the appliance and let the vinegar cool down  completely. Then empty the water tank.
  7. Rinse the water tank with cold water several times. Note: Repeat the procedure if there is still some scale in the water tank.

Tip: To maintain optimal performance and to extend the lifetime of the appliance we advise you to descale the appliance regularly.





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