The appliance does not dispense water. What can be the problem?


 This problem may have various causes:

  1. The dual filter has not been placed properly.
    Make sure you have placed the dual filter properly. If this is not the case, place it properly, otherwise the appliance will not dispense any water.
  2. The dual filter has not been replaced with an original Philips replacement filter.
    Always replace the dual filter with an original Philips filter, type WP3990. 
  3. The dual filter has expired before the appliance has purified 3000 liters of water.
    When the PureProtect Alert indicator flashes, the dual filter needs to be replaced. Until you replace the dual filter, the water dispenser does not dispense any water. Replace the dual filter with an original Philips filter, type WP3990. 
  4. There is no mains power.
    If your appliance has no battery back-up, check if the power supply works and if the plug has been inserted into the wall socket properly. 
  5. The fuse has blown due to voltage fluctuations. If this is the case, please contact Philips Consumer Care. You can find the phone number of the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country on the support page under ‘Contact’ or ‘Customer Service’

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