Why doesn’t the appliance start operating when I set the on/off switch to 'on'?


If the vacuum cleaner does not switch on please always first check that you have charged the appliance in the correct way. See below for possible causes of incorrect charging and check these with your appliance.

Possible causes and solutions of incorrect charging:

  1. You have placed the vacuum cleaner on the charger with the on/off switch in 'on’ position.
    If you charge the vacuum cleaner with the on/off slide in 'on’ position, the charging light goes on but the appliance is not charged. Always make sure the on/off slide of the vacuum cleaner is in the 'off’ position during charging.

  2. The adapter is not connected properly.
    Make sure that during charging the adapter/charger is connected properly to the wall outlet and to the charging unit/appliance. If this is not connected properly the vacuum cleaner will not charge.  

  3. The vacuum cleaner is not placed onto the charger properly.
    Always make sure that you place the vacuum cleaner onto the charger properly. If the vacuum cleaner is placed properly, the charging light will go on and the vacuum cleaner starts charging.  

  4. The contact points are dirty.
    If the contact points are dirty, you can clean them with a dry cloth.  

    If the above solution(s) did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care.

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