The vacuum cleaner has a shorter operating time than before. What is wrong?


The rechargeable battery may have developed a 'memory effect'. This effect develops when you recharge a battery too often before it is completely empty. When this effect occurs, we advise you to discharge the rechargeable battery completely.

Please follow the steps below to discharge the rechargeable battery:

  1. Discharge the rechargeable battery completely by letting the appliance run until it stops.
  2. Charge the appliance properly for 16-18 hours.
  3. Repeat the first two steps 3-5 times.

If fully discharging the rechargeable battery several times does not help to restore the capacity of the battery and the time between recharging gets shorter and shorter, the battery has reached the end of its life. The rechargeable battery of these rechargeable mini vacuum cleaners cannot be replaced.

If the above solution did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care.

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