Why does the vacuum cleaner have less suction power than usual?


In most cases loss of suction power is caused by the dust compartment being full or the dustbag being dirty.  
See below for all possible causes of a loss of suction power and check if a cause applies to your appliance.

Possible causes:

  1. The dust compartment is full.
  2. The dustbag/filter is clogged.
  3. The nozzle or accessories are clogged.
  4. The batteries are not fully charged.

Possible solutions:

Cause 1: The dust compartment is full. 
To empty the dust compartment, hold the vacuum cleaner over a trash can and press the release button to remove the dust compartment (Fig. 1). Put the appliance aside. Then lift the dustbag out of the dust compartment with one hand (Fig. 2) and empty the dust compartment with your other hand.

Fig.1  Fig.2  



Cause 2: The dustbag/filter is clogged. 
To maintain optimal suction performance, we advise you to clean the dustbag regularly.
Clean the dustbag with a brush or with a regular vacuum cleaner. If the dustbag is really dirty, you can clean it in cold or lukewarm water. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Make sure it is completely dry before you put it back into the vacuum cleaner.


Cause 3: The nozzle or other accessories are clogged.  
If the nozzle is clogged, press the release button to detach the dust compartment and remove the object or material that is blocking the nozzle (fig.1). If the vacuum cleaner comes with accessories, check if they are clogged.



Cause 4: The batteries are not fully charged.
Always make sure the switch is set to 0 if you want to charge the vacuum cleaner. If you place the vacuum cleaner onto the wall holder with the switch set to I or II instead of to 0, the charging light does not go on and the appliance is not charged. Also make sure that you place the vacuum cleaner onto the wall holder properly and that you place the charger plug into the wall socket properly.

Tip: To optimize the lifetime of the rechargeable batteries, discharge them completely 3 to 5 times a year. To discharge the batteries, let the vacuum cleaner run until it stops and then fully recharge the vacuum cleaner.

If the above solution(s) did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care. You can find the phone number of the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country under 'Contact' or 'Customer Service' on the 'Support' page of this site.

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