Dust escapes from the vacuum cleaner. How can I prevent this?


Dust escaping from the vacuum cleaner is usually caused by a full dust compartment or incorrectly placed filters. 


1. The dust compartment is full. 
Please empty the dust compartment. 

  1. Remove the dust compartment by pressing the release button.
  2. Take the filter unit out of the dust compartment.
  3. Shake the dust compartment with your free hand to empty it.
  4. For a thorough clean, we also advise you to clean the filter unit.

2. The filter unit may not be inserted or not be inserted properly. 
Only use the vacuum cleaner when the filter unit has been inserted correctly into the dust compartment. Check if you have placed the filter unit in the dust compartment in the correct way. We advise you to take out the filter unit and to put it back into the dust compartment again.

If the above solution(s) did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care in your country: Contact Page

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