Why doesn’t it suck up liquids?


This problem may have various causes. See below for all possible causes and solutions.

Possible causes and solutions:

  1. The squeegee to suck up liquids is not connected.
    To be able to suck up liquids, the squeegee needs to be attached properly. Without this accessory it is not possible to suck up liquids.

  2. The dust compartment is full.
    If the dust compartment is full, the vacuum cleaner is not able to suck up more liquids and needs to be emptied.
    Stop sucking up liquids when the liquid level inside the dust compartment has reached the maximum indication line.

  3. The vacuum cleaner is not held in the correct way during use.
    Always suck up liquids with the nozzle pointing downward and with the vacuum cleaner at an angle of about 30 degrees.

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