When and how do I replace the cleaning fluid in the Jet Clean System?


You need to refill the cleaning chamber after you have used the Jet Clean System about 15 times. If you use the Jet Clean System less often than three times a week, you should change the fluid once a month for hygienic reasons.

1. Simultaneously press the release buttons on both sides of the Jet Clean System (1). Then lift the Jet Clean System off the cleaning chamber (2). The cleaning chamber remains behind.
2. Pour any remaining cleaning fluid out of the cleaning chamber. You can simply pour the cleaning fluid down the sink. Rinse the cleaning chamber under the faucet.

Note: The cleaning chamber is not dishwasher-proof.

3. Fill the cleaning chamber with HQ200 cleaning fluid to a level between the two lines. Some Jet Clean Systems only have a MAX indication and no MIN indication. Fill the cleaning chamber of these Jet Clean Systems up to the MAX indication.
4. Place the Jet Clean System back onto the cleaning chamber. Make sure the release buttons click back into place.


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