What is the best way to brew a creamy coffee?


Here are some tips to brew a creamy coffee:

  • Check if the SBS valve dial on the dispenser head has been turned all the way to the right. If not, turn the dial to the right (image 1).
    Note: the SBS valve is not available at all Saeco machines. (please check the user’s manual)

  • Adjust the grinding level (image 2 and 3). If the grinding level is too coarse (image 2), it makes the coffee more watery. If the cream dissolves and the coffee comes out one drip at a time, the grinding level may too fine (image 3). Adjust the grinding level until you find the right level for the coffee type you want with the right creaminess.

  • Try different coffee blends: always use fresh and non-greasy coffee beans for the best performance. We recommend to use a mixed Arabica-Robusta blend.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


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