Why does the coffee come out so slowly?


If the coffee comes out slowly, please try the following: 

  • The outlet of the grinder may be set too tight, i.e. to a too fine grinding level, which makes the coffee come out one drip at a time. Adjust the grinding level by opening the outlet of the grinder gradually until you have found the right grinding level for the type of coffee you are using.

  • The coffee blend you are using is not suitable. It may be too greasy or not fresh enough. Try another coffee blend. We recommend using a mixed Arabica-Robusta blend.

  • The water circuit is empty. Fill it by opening the steam faucet, selecting hot water and dispensing a glass of water. Check if the SBS valve dial on the dispenser head has been turned all the way to the right. If it is, turn the dial to the left. Remove the dispenser from the machine (if possible) and rinse it carefully according to the instructions in the user manual.

  • Check that the holes in the dispenser head are not obstructed. If they are, clean them with a pin.

  • In machines that can work with pre-ground coffee, brew a cup of pre-ground coffee without putting in any ground coffee. If water comes out, the coffee beans may be the problem. In that case, we recommend re-adjusting the machine to the most suitable grinding level for the kind of coffee you want and/or to switch to a mixed Arabica-Robusta blend.

  • The water circuit may be clogged and needs descaling. Follow the instructions in the user manual to descale the machine.

    If the above solutions do not solve your issue, please contact our Consumer Care Center. See contact details on the product website.


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