What should I do if the suction system performs poorly or does not work at all?


The suction system absorbs cut hairs when you use the appliance. It is activated automatically as soon as you switch on the appliance.

The suction system cannot be turned off, so if it performs poorly or not at all, please follow the instructions below:

  • Empty the hair-collection chamber after each trimming session.
    • Empty the hair-collection chamber by carefully shaking or blowing hair out and/or by brushing the hair out with the brush supplied.
    • When trimming long, dense beards, it may be necessary to empty the hair-collection chamber during the trimming session in order to maintain optimal suction performance.
  • Do not cut off more than approximately 7mm of your overall beard length at a time.
    • This ensures optimal functioning of the vacuum system, 
    • If you want to cut your beard shorter, repeat the process one or more times.
  • Verify that the flexible hair guide is not jammed in any way.
    • The flexible hair guide follows the contours of the face and directs cut hairs towards the nozzle of the vacuum mechanism.
  • Verify that the air slots on the appliance are not covered. 
    • This will result in a decrease in motor performance.
  • Make sure you move the trimmer in the direction of hair growth
    • Make smooth and gentle strokes

If the suction system performs poorly or not at all, even though the appliance is clean, not covered and used according to the instructions in the user manual, take the appliance to your local Philips dealer or call the Consumer Care Center.


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