What do I do when the coffee machine needs descaling?


Descaling is recommended to ensure a long life and the correct functioning of the machine and its components. Buy a Saeco descaler at a service center and follow the instructions in the user manual to descale the machine.

Only use the Saeco descaler that has been specially developed for your machine. This descaler is safe for all parts of your machine and ensures that the machine continues to function properly.

Do not use vinegar or lemon juice or other detergents. Only use the Saeco descaler that has been specially developed for your machine. 

Descale your machine every 1 or 2 months or when the machine indicates that descaling is required. The machine automatically controls the distribution of the descaling solution.

Don't leave the machine unattended during descaling.


Before you start the descaling cycle, make sure that:

  • The Intenza water filter has been removed
  • A container of adequate size or a couple of containers has/have been placed at the points indicated in the user manual.


How to descale:

  • Prepare the descaling solution according to the instructions on the package: pour the descaling solution into the water tank.
  • Then fill up the water tank with fresh water up to the max level.
  • After you have added the descaling solution to the water tank, the descaling cycle runs automatically.
  • Dispose of the descaling solution according to the manufacturer's instructions and/ or the regulations in force in your country.

Please note that the descaling and/or rinsing cycles cannot be stopped. Wait until the cycles have completed.
If the machine is switched off during a descaling or rinsing cycle or if a power failure occurs during a cycle, the cycle that was interrupted will have to be performed from the start as soon as the machine switches on/is switched on again.

Attention: The water hardness level has to be set in the menu to ensure that the descaling message appears with the correct frequency. 

Descaling frequency for machines without the option to set the hardness level on the machine:
• low hardness - every 3 months (or every 6 months with Intenza filter)
• medium hardness - every 2 months (or every 4 months with Intenza filter)
• high hardness - every 6 weeks (or every 2.5 months with Intenza filter)
• very high hardness - every 4 weeks (or every 2 months with Intenza filter)

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If the above does not resolve your issue, please contact our Consumer Care Center. See contact details on the product information page.


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