Why can’t I open the lid of my SENSEO® machine?


This is caused by a clogged pod holder. If the sieve in the pod holder is clogged, the brew head gets locked and you cannot open the lid any more.

Follow the steps below to open the lid if it is locked:

  1. Switch off the machine.
  2. Pull the lever up as far as it will go and wait at least 24 hours.
  3. To open the lid you may have to use some force.
  4. Remove the pod holder and unclog the sieve in the center of the pod holder under the tap with a brush or clean it in the dishwasher.

       Place the pod holder in your SENSEO® machine during descaling. 
       The descaling solution will unclog the sieve.

Why does the pod holder get clogged?

Possible causes:

  • You did not clean the pod holder after brewing a beverage with a cappuccino or chocolate pod. Milk residues can clog up the tiny hole in the pod holder. 
  • You descaled the SENSEO® without putting a used coffee pod in the pod holder. Scale may clog up the tiny hole. 
  • You may have used a torn coffee pod. Coffee grains may clog up the tiny hole.

Correct way to place cappuccino and chocolate pods in the pod holder

Cappuccino or Chocolat pods: These pods only fit in the 2-cup pod holder! 

If the above solutions have not helped you solve your problem, please contact a Philips Contact Center. Contact Page 

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