Why doesn’t the appliance start operating when I set the on/off button to ‘on’?


If the vacuum cleaner does not switch on, always check first if you have charged the appliance correctly. See below for all possible causes why your appliance did charge properly or did not charge at all.

Possible causes and solutions:

  1. The adapter is not connected properly. 
    Make sure you insert the adapter into the wall outlet properly. If this is not the case, the vacuum cleaner will not be charged.  
  2. The vacuum cleaner has not been placed onto the charger properly.  
    Always make sure that you place the vacuum cleaner onto the charger properly. If the vacuum cleaner is placed properly, the charging light will go on to indicate that the appliance is charging. When the appliance is fully charged, the charging light goes out.

    Note: You can leave the appliance on the charging base, even when it is fully charged. Every 5 minutes, the charging light lights up for 3 seconds. This indicates that the appliance is checking that the batteries are still fully charged.  

    Note: If you put the appliance on the charging base while it is switched on, the appliance switches off automatically after 2 seconds.  

  3. The contact points are dirty.
    The contact points on the stick unit and/or on the handheld vacuum cleaner may be dirty or may not make proper contact. Wipe them clean with a dry cloth and then place the handheld vacuum cleaner in the stick unit.  

    Note: When you place the handheld vacuum cleaner into the stick unit, move it slightly to the left and right a few times until you hear a click.


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