What is the best way to grill food on the grill?


It depends on the kind of food you want to prepare. The grill has three grilling positions:

1. Contact grill position: 
This position is especially suitable for quick high-temperature grilling on both sides, for example steaks and hamburgers. But you can also use it for making toasted sandwiches or paninis.


2. Oven grill position: 
This is the ideal position to grill and cook au gratin at the same time. The oven grill position is also suitable for the preparation of all kinds of 'open' toast, for example with egg, tomato, peppers and/or onion rings covered with cheese.  

3. Barbecue grill position: 
In this position, the grill offers a large grilling surface for the preparation of all kinds of snacks, such as shashlik, satay, vegetables, fruits etc. 

Food table:

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