Why is the coffee not hot enough?


If you have used the coffeemaker for quite some time and the temperature of the coffee decreases, we advise you to descale the coffeemaker. 

Philips coffeemakers have been developed to brew coffee at the ideal temperature. 
It is not possible to adjust the temperature setting of the coffeemaker, but we can give you some tips and tricks to ensure the temperature of the coffee. 

Tips and Tricks to ensure your coffee has the right temperature:

  • Make sure the glass jug is placed on the hotplate properly.
  • Rinse the insulated jug with hot water before brewing.
  • Make sure the hotplate and the bottom of the jug are clean.
  • Use thin cups. Thin cups will absorb less heat from the coffee than thick cups.
  • Make sure the size of the cup matches the amount of coffee. Do not pour a small amount of coffee into a large cup.
  • If you drink coffee with fresh milk, preheat the milk in the cup in a microwave.
  • Descale your coffeemaker regularly.

If the above tips and tricks do not solve your problem you can contact the Philips Consumer Care in your country. Contact Page

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