How long does the coffee stay warm in the insulated jug?


If you brew a full jug of coffee, the insultated jug will keep the coffee warm for approx. 2 hours. 

The insultated jug is not a fully closed system as is a travel insulated jug. The temperature of the coffee in the insulated jug will therefore decrease slightly in these two hours. 
Note: The less coffee there is inside the insultated jug, the faster the temperature will drop.

To ensure the coffee temperature we have some tips and tricks.

  • Rinse the jug with hot water before you start brewing coffee. This helps to keep your coffee hot longer.
  • Brew at least half a jug of coffee. If you brew less than half a jug, the coffee will cool down quickly.
  • Use thin cups. Thin cups will absorb less heat from the coffee than thick cups.
  • Make sure the size of the cup matches the amount of coffee. Do not pour a small amount of coffee into a large cup.
  • If you drink coffee with fresh milk, preheat the milk in the cup in a microwave.
  • Descale your coffeemaker regularly.

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