After cleaning I cannot re-insert the brew group. What should I do?


If you can't re-insert the brew group, some couplings are not in the correct place.

Check the following on the brew group:

  1. If the brewing unit is in home position. 
    • The brewing unit is in home position when the big and the small arrow are on the same level. See figure 1.
    • If the brewing unit is not in home position, push the “water inlet” on the other side of the brewing unit in the correct position until you hear a “click”. See figure 2.
  2. If the coupling plate is in the “up” position.
    • Push the coupling plate up, to make sure it is in the correct position. See figure 3.
    • If the coupling plate is not in the “up” position, it can never been re- inserted in the machine. 
  3. If the brew group location in clean.
    • Clean the location where the brew group needs to be inserted.
    • If this is not clean, it makes it more difficult to re-insert.


Figure 1.

Figure 2.


Figure 3.

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