How do I disassemble my breast pump?


To disassemble your breast pump, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

1  Make sure you set the appliance to the home position:

If you have already used your ISIS iQ UNO, turn the pump off by pressing and holding down the control button until the light goes off.

Unplug from the wall outlet and disconnect the household power or battery pack lead from the control handle.

You can be quite firm when removing the control handle.

  1. First, pull directly upward away from the diaphragm.
  2. Second, unhook it from the stem by moving it toward the funnel.

For further help removing the control handle, watch our instruction video in the tutorials section.

3  Remove the funnel cover and gently pull the Let-down Massage Cushion away from the funnel.
4  Remove the silicone diaphragm and stem, unscrew the milk container and remove the white valve.

You have now completely disassembled your breast pump for cleaning and storage.

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