How can I use my Gelpad?


The Gelpad can be used cold and warm, depending on your personal needs:


  • Use cold to soothe sore or engorged breasts
    • Keep the Gelpad in the refridgerator or freezer for 24 hours to use it at its best
    • Use the Gelpad sleeve when using it cold


  • Use warm to stimulate milk flow before breastfeeding
    • Lightly dampen the Gelpad sleeve, as moist heat gives an extra-comfortable feel and helps stimulation
    • Heat the Gelpad by emerging the pad in hot water (50°C/122°F) for 10 minutes
    • Do not boil the water and do not use the Gelpad in the microwave


  • If you own the Essential Breast Care Set:
    • Use the bra clip to help you remember which side to feed from
    • Use the washable pouch at your convenience


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