My shaver does not work while it is connected to the power outlet. Is something wrong with it?


There is nothing wrong with your shaver.

This shaver is designed to be used with foam or gel in the shower. For safety reasons, this shaver does not work when it is connected to a power outlet because electricity and water are a hazardous combination. The only thing the shaver does when it is connected to a power outlet is charge the integrated battery. It charges through an adapter that converts the voltage from the outlet to a safe low voltage. Nevertheless, we urge you to keep the shaver and the adapter away from water during charging. The adapter is not waterproof.

Your shaver will tell you when its battery is running low. It is equipped with a battery-low indicator that starts to flash orange when there is just enough energy in the battery for 5 shaving minutes. Moreover, your shaver is equipped with a quick-charge function so that, if the battery runs low during shaving, you only have to charge it for a few minutes to complete your shave. The quick-charge function uses the quick charging that occurs during the first few minutes of the normal charging process. During this quick-charge phase, the charging light flashes orange and green alternately for 3 minutes (AT8** models) or both the white battery symbol and the plug symbol flash (AT9** models). After approx. 3 minutes the charging light stops flashing orange and only flashes green (AT8** models) or the
orange plug symbol goes out, while the battery symbol continues to flash (AT9** models). At this point, the shaver contains enough energy for a 5-minute shave. If you do not interrupt the charging process at this point to shave for 5 minutes, the charging process continues and the charging light continues to flash green (AT** models) or the battery symbol continues to flash (AT9** models).

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