My handle is very loud – is this OK?


A noisy handle does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong. The Sonicare device is dynamically balanced to function with a brush head in your mouth. Therefore, in some cases, the handle may be very loud without a brush head.

Also, as brush heads wear out, they may start to produce more noise. A noisy handle may indicate it is time to replace your brush head.

Finally, counterfeit brush heads may make a lot of noise when used on your Sonicare handle. We recommend you only use genuine Philips Sonicare brush heads with your Sonicare toothbrush.

In all of these cases, this change in sound does not adversely affect the device performance. To fix the problem, place a new, genuine brush head on your handle and turn it on. This should alleviate the noise. If the noise is not reduced, please call the Philips Call Center.

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