How do I vent my Syntia?


To prevent air and water from remaining in the system too long, the machine must be vented before first use and after a long period of disuse. Venting is necessary to prepare a perfect, fresh cup of coffee. Venting is also necessary after you insert or exchange a filter, as air may enter the system during these operations handling.

Vent the system:

  • If the symbol below appears on the display, vent the system.  
  • You can vent the system at any time by simply dispensing some hot water. When you dispense hot water, the whole circuit is filled/flushed and pressurized. 

How to vent the system when the symbol is displayed:

  1. Fill the water tank with fresh water.
  2. Place a container under the steam wand/pannarello.
  3. Turn the selector dial to the position. The machine starts to prime the circuit by dispensing some water through the steam wand / pannarello. The bar under the icon shows the progress. When the process is completed, the machine stops dispensing automatically.
  4. Set the selector dial back to the central  position when this symbol appears.
  5. The display then shows the heating-up icon, and the machine heats up automatically.
  6. When the display lights up green with a cup and coffee beans, the machine is ready for use. 

Expert’s tip: If venting the machine does not solve the problem. Try to:
Take out and put back the water tank a few times, with the machine turned on. Make sure that you put the water tank in the machine correctly.


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