My Syntia is making unusual noises.


An espresso machine goes through more steps when brewing coffee than a drip-filter coffeemaker. It grinds beans, its brew group moves, the pressure is compensated during brewing and frothing milk: this creates not only a different taste of coffee but also produces other sounds. Small changes in the settings can already affect the sounds produced.

If unusual sounds occur:

  1. Change the coffee grind and aroma setting (coffee strength) and see if this works.  

  2. Clean the coffee funnel.
    Some ground coffee can block the coffee funnel inside the machine. To prevent the coffee funnel from getting clogged, you need to clean it weekly. To be able to reach the coffee funnel, you need to take out the brew group and clean the coffee funnel with a spoon handle. Location of the coffee funnel see picture below. 

  3. A stuck brew group or scale deposits in the water circuit can also cause unusual sounds. 
    Clean and lubricate the brew group. If this does not reduce the unusual noise, descale the machine.

How to change the coffee grind setting.

You can only adjust the grinder settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans. Use the supplied grinder adjustment key.

  1. Place a cup under the dispensing spout.
  2. Press the button to brew a large coffee.
  3. When the grinder starts to grind the beans, press the grinder adjustment knob down with the grinder adjustment key and turn the knob one notch at a time. Stop turning when the grinder stops grinding.
  4. You will taste the difference after brewing 2-3 cups of espresso. 
    The reference marks inside the coffee bean hopper indicate the grind setting. There are 5 different grind settings to choose from:
    5 - Coarse grind: lighter taste, for dark roasted coffee blends
    1 - Fine grind: bolder taste, for light roasted coffee blends 

How to change the aroma setting.

Each time the " button is pressed and released, the aroma changes by one degree:



Expert’s tip: "If there are foreign particles in the bean container, e.g. pieces of wood, small pebbles or something similar, the grinder can also produce unusually loud noises. Clean the grinder to remove foreign particles. Empty the coffee bean hopper and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residues from the grinder. Never pour water into the coffee grinder."

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