How to clean and sterilize breast pump?


Breast pump should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in first use or before use.
• Cleaning
• After disassembling all components, clean and rinse them thoroughly with warm soap water. Do not use antibacterial agent or cleaner/detergent with abradability. If necessary, please use Philips Avent cleaning brush as another product to clean bottles.
• Carefully clean the valve and don't insert any object, or it may be damaged and make breast pump not work properly.

• Sterilization
• Use Philips Avent electronic or steam boiler to sterilize breast pump. All components in the boiler can be in sterilized state for at least 6 hours until uncovering the boiler. Please refer to the user manual of sterilization boiler for detailed information.
• Boil the breast pump in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilize it, and do not let the accessories touch vessel wall for a long time to avoid heating deformation. • If you use disinfectant, please don't immerse accessories in the cleaner for over recommended time. • Do not put the accessories in the drying/disinfection cabinet with heating component. (The highest heat temperature this product can endure is 110 degrees Celsius). • After each use: Please disassemble all components immediately and clean breast pump thoroughly according to above cleaning and disinfection way to avoid bacteria caused by residual milk.

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