VIDEO - How do I change the shaving heads?


Watch our short tutorial video or follow the instructions below.

Step-by-Step instructions for changing your shaving heads:

  1. Press the button beneath the heads to raise them up
  2. Turn the dial on the retaining frame a quarter anti-clockwise turn to release the frame
  3. Pull out the retaining frame and place onto a hard surface
  4. Remove the shaving heads, placing them in the pattern they came out in
  5. The head consists of a foil and a blade; the foil should always sit face down with the blade inserting with the purple side facing up
  6. Insert the new blades by following steps 4 - 2 in reverse order; turning the dial clockwise this time
  7. Close the head until you hear the click

Tip: There are several models of shaver which vary in design, always check your user manual to adapt the steps where necessary

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