What can I do to prevent low suction of the breast pump?


Low suction can be due to several causes:

  1. Make sure that the breast pump has been cleaned. Also assemble the breast pump while it is still moist from sanitizing. This will improve the vacuum.
  2. Make sure the breast pump is assembled as per the instructions in the user manual. Check that the cushion and valve are firmly pushed into the pump body and that the edges are completely sealed around the rim of the pump body. The cushion, valve and diaphragm can leak air if not attached correctly. The comfort breast pump may show low suction before expressing. Place it onto your breast to create vacuum and move the handle again.
  3. Do not mix parts of other breast pumps not belonging to the Philips Avent Comfort range.

Should you still experience low/no suction, we recommend buying new spare parts on


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