My machine doesn't froth the milk properly. What can I do?


The milk carafe is ideal to prepare delicious milk varieties. When milk is not being frothed properly, this may have different causes. The most common cause for little or poor milk foam is contamination. It is important that you clean the milk carafe daily or after each use, as this preserves hygiene and ensures perfect milk froth consistency. Also descale your machine when required.

Other causes that can result in little or poor milk foam are described below. Please read the items below and check them with your machine.

  1. The milk carafe dispenser needs to be set to the correct position.
    If the milk carafe dispenser is not set to the correct position, steam can escape and the milk carafe dispenser will not froth the milk properly or not at all. 
    Correct position:

  2. All parts of the milk carafe dispenser need to be attached properly. 
    The milk carafe dispenser consists of different separate parts. Make sure that you assemble all parts properly after you have disassembled them for cleaning. If for example the hose in the milk carafe is not properly positioned, it may draw in more air than milk, which results in very little milk foam. 

    Note: the top of the carafe can simply be removed. Press one of the release buttons at the side and slowly pull up the lid of the carafe to remove the top of the carafe.

  3. Make sure that the milk carafe is clean and descale your machine frequently.
    When cleaning of the milk carafe does not improve the milk frothing result, descale your machine. Internal circuits clogged up with scale will affect the amount of steam produced, which will have a negative effect on the amount and quality of the milk froth. Make sure that you descale the machine when it indicates that it needs descaling.

    Expert’s tip: "For hygiene reasons, all parts that come into contact with milk must be rinsed thoroughly with running hot water after each use. Soaking the parts in warm water can help to remove residues Rinse all items very well after you have cleaned them with dishwashing liquid. 

  4. The type of milk that was used. 
    Use cold (approx. 5°C / 41°F) milk with a protein content of at least 3% to ensure optimum results when preparing a cappuccino. You can use whole milk or low-fat milk, depending on your personal taste. 

  5. Experiment.
    Please also check the beverage settings. You can adjust the amount of milk to be used for certain coffee specialties. Experiment to find the settings to suit your taste.


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