How come the drip tray fills up quite quickly?


It is normal for the drip tray to fill up quickly and does not concern a defect. During use the circuits in the machine are rinsed with water which end up automatically into the drip tray. This ensures an optimum machine performance. Empty and clean the drip tray every day and each time the ‘drip tray full’ indicator pops up through the drip tray cover.   

How quickly the drip tray fills up depends on the frequency of use of the machine. During use, water may end up in the drip tray for different reasons.

  1. After brewing a coffee, overpressure is created in the machine. To decrease this pressure, the machine lets the excess water run directly into the drip tray. The water amount discharged per brewing cycle is about 25 ml. When milk is frothed, the water amount will be slightly larger because more steam is produced.  

  2. The drip tray also collects the water that comes out of the dispensing spout during each automatic rinse/self-cleaning cycle as well as coffee that may be spilled during brewing. 

'Drip tray full' indicator


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