My machine does not dispense any coffee, hot water or steam. What can I do?


There can be several causes and solutions for this problem. Please check the solutions below with your machine.    

  1. You are using the appliance for the first time or you have switched to a different coffee type
    The Saeco Adapting System (SAS) optimizes the coffee extraction automatically. This takes a number of brewing cycles. You have to wait until the machine has completed this process.  

  2. Some ground coffee is blocking the coffee funnel inside the machine because it cannot be transported to the brew group
    To unblock the grinder you need to take out the brew group and clean the coffee funnel with a spoon handle. Location of the coffee funnel see picture 4.

  3. If no coffee or hot water is being dispensed, this may also be caused by a machine malfunction. 
    There are several indicator lights on the control panel. The messages conveyed and the solutions that are possible depend on which light is on and how it is on. The lights can be steady on, they can flash slowly or they can flash quickly.  

  4. If the brew group is stuck or scale deposits block the water circuit, this may also result in no or only little coffee or water being dispensed
    Clean and lubricate the brew group. After this descale the machine.   

  5. Change the coffee grinder setting and/or adjust the coffee length. 
    If the coffee grind is set too fine or the coffee length is set too small, your machine will only produce a few drops of coffee. 

If the above solutions did not solve your issue, please contact Philips Saeco Consumer Care in your country Contact Page.


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