Can the temperature of the coffee be adjusted?


The temperature of the coffee cannot be adjusted by the machine. Hardly any heat is lost inside the machine during brewing and the coffee has a temperature of about 81-85 ° C when it comes out of the machine. Outside the machine, however, there are factors that can influence the speed at which coffee cools down.   

Factors that can influence the temperature of the coffee.

  • The cup or glass in which the coffee is collected has the biggest influence. 
    Depending on whether you use a preheated cup, a glass or a double-wall mug, a cup or glass with thick or thin walls, the temperature decrease may vary from 5°C to 15°C. The optimal temperature for coffee in the cup is 67°C. We advise you to preheat your cup or glass by rinsing it with hot water. This will make a noticeable difference.
  • Adding milk or milk products can also lower the temperature of the coffee.
    On the other hand, the milk that is added should not be too hot. Milk foam in particular should not be heated up to more than 55°C. The optimal temperature for milk foam is 40-45°C. At a higher temperature, the protein in the milk coagulates and the foam collapses. Whether you add warm or cold milk, in both cases the temperature will decrease to some extent. 
  • Scale can be a cause of less warm coffee. 
    Scale deposits as a layer in the water circuit. Due to the scale deposit,, water is no longer directly in contact with the walls of the pipes, and is therefore no longer warmed up directly. The result is that the brewed coffee has a lower temperature. Descale the machine to remove the scale from the water circuit. You can find the instructions for descaling under 'Related Articles' below.


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