How to change the coffee grind setting?


Use the supplied grinder adjustment key.

  1. Place a cup under the dispensing spout.
  2. Press the grinder adjustment knob down with the grinder adjustment key and turn the knob one notch at a time.
  3. Brew 2-3 cups of coffee as the variation in grind may only be noticed after a few cups of coffee.
  4. If needed repeat steps 1 to 3. 

    The reference marks inside the coffee bean hopper indicate the grind setting. There are 5 different grind settings to choose from:
    1 - Fine grind: bolder taste, for light roasted coffee blends
    5 - Coarse grind: lighter taste, for dark roasted coffee blends

    Note: If the grinder does not grind the beans after adjusting. Make sure the coffee bean hopper lid is properly placed as for safety reasons the grinding process only starts when the tray is properly closed. 




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