What coffee specialties can I brew with my Odea?


With your Odea you can brew the following coffee specialties:



22-27 ml of endless pleasure in a small cup. The traditional espresso is covered with a strong hazelnut brown crema layer. Espresso is an elixir with more than 800 different flavors. It offers enjoyment from the first sip.

How to prepare:
Your Odea prepares an espresso at the touch of a button. The right amount of water and coffee is pre-set. Of course, you can adjust the aroma



The classic cappuccino is a harmonious composition of espresso, milk and milk foam. It only needs a little cocoa powder sprinkled on top. Traditionally, cappuccino is not served in layers, as shown in the picture, but stirred and slightly sweetened.

How to prepare:
In the traditional Italian way, a cappuccino is created by letting espresso (about 25-30ml) run into a cup of 120-150 ml and then quickly pour an equal amount of hot milk onto it, and finally spoon the foam on top.

With the hot water/steam wand (Pannarello, if supplied) you can heat up or foam the milk.

Ristretto is a super strong, very intense espresso that is brewed with the same amount of coffee but less water than normal espresso for the ultimate energy boost.

How to prepare:
To prepare a Ristretto, brew an espresso with less water. The required water volume can be set on the Odea.
   Caffè Lungo

A larger, weaker variant of an espresso, whose aroma is milder because more water is used.

How to prepare:
To prepare a Caffè Lungo, brew an espresso with considerably more water. The required water volume can be set on the Odea.
   Caffè Latte

A delicious Caffè Latte is the perfect start of the day. An espresso amount of hot milk is poured into a glass or cup and mixed with one or two cups of espresso. If preferred, you can top the caffè latte with a foam layer.

How to prepare:
Pour one or two cups of espresso in a preheated cup and fill the cup quickly with hot milk. Depending on your taste, you may foam the milk slightly to create a full head.
With the hot water/steam wand (Pannarello, if supplied) you can heat up or foam the milk.
   Latte Macchiato

White-black-white: that is the typical Latte Macchiato effect. You create this specialty with approximately 250 ml hot milk, 400 ml frothed milk and one or two cups of espresso. Bring these together and the result is a creamy coffee delight.

How to prepare:
Let an espresso flow slowly into a tall glass of hot milk. The espresso coffee has to be much hotter than the hot milk to prevent rapid mixing of the two liquids, which would spoil the creation of layers. Now all that is left to do is adding the creamy foam layer. 

Tip: The best way to prepare Latte Macchiato is by adding the espresso last. The foam then slows down the espresso to such an extent that it forms a layer on top of the hot milk.

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