How do I assemble the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump?


Make sure you have cleaned and sanitized the appropriate parts of the breast pump. Wash your hands thoroughly before you handle the cleaned parts. Be careful, the cleaned parts may still be hot.
Tip: You may find it easier to assemble the breast pump while it is wet.

1. Insert the white valve into the pump body from underneath. Push in the valve as far as possible.

2. Screw the pump body clockwise onto the bottle until it is securely fixed

3. Place the silicone diaphragm into the pump body from above. Make sure it fits securely around the rim by pressing down with your fingers to ensure a perfect seal

4. Place the massage cushion into the funnel-shaped section of the pump body. Push in the inner part of the massage cushion as far as possible and make sure that it is perfectly sealed all around the rim of the pump body. Press in between the petals to remove any trapped air
Tip: Place the cover over the massage cushion to keep the breast pump clean while you prepare for expressing.

5. Insert the adapter into the wall socket and insert the other end into the motor unit. The adapter reference code is indicated on the bottom of the appliance. Only use the indicated adapter with the appliance.

6. Attach the silicone tube and cap onto the diaphragm. Push down the cap until it is securely in place.

If you have any questions, please contact consumer care via

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