What are the highlights of the "Philips Senseo®" milk frother?


You can use the "Philips Senseo®" milk frother to make hot or cold milk froth, or to heat up milk without frothing it.
It is the perfect tool to create all your coffee specialties. This fully automatic milk frother from Philips is extremely easy to use and clean! It can froth or heat 120 ml of milk.

Highlights of the "Philips Senseo®" milk frother:


Perfect milk foam

Set to the ideal temperature and speed, the SENSEO® Milk Frother and its innovative frothing whisker create the ultimate in foam stiffness and fineness.


For hot and cold milk

From cold milk froth for an iced cappuccino in summer to hot milk and froth for a latte macchiato in winter, the milk frother can prepare both with ease.
The milk is heated up to approx 70°C to ensure the best froth and taste. If you heat up milk beyond 70°C, it
loses its natural sweetness.


Easy to clean

It requires only a rinse and a swipe of a towel thanks to its non-stick coating and smooth surface. The waterproof casing allows you to wash it with ease without worrying about immersing it in water.


Easy to clean

Whisker and lid dishwasher-proof for easy cleaning.


Milk froth capacity

120 ml frothing capacity

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