When do I have to descale the coffeemaker?


If it is used normally (two full jugs of coffee every day), descale the appliance:
2 or 3 times a year if you use soft water (up to 18 dH);
4 or 5 times a year if you use hard water (over 18 dH).

You can contact your local water board for information about the water hardness in your area.
To descale the coffeemaker, you can use any liquid descaler or use white household vinegar (4% acetic acid). We advise you not to use powder descalers or descaling tablets. If these powders or tablets are not dissolved completely, they can leave traces and harm the inside of your coffeemaker.

Descaling is important because scale can clog the coffeemaker, but it also helps to:
• Ensure that you continue to brew good-quality coffee.
• Keep the brewing time constant.
• Extend the lifetime of your coffeemaker.
• Reduce the risk of breakdown.

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