What do I do when the coffee machine needs descaling?


Limescale normally builds up with the use of the appliance.
The machine needs descaling every 1-2 months (if used) and/or whenever a reduction in water flow is noticed. Use the GAGGIA descaling solution only.
In case of conflict, priority must be given to what is indicated in the operation and maintenance manual over the instructions provided on separately sold accessories and materials.

Use the GAGGIA descaling solution only. Its formula has been designed to ensure better machine performance and operation for its whole operating life. If correctly used, it also avoids alterations in the brewed product. The descaling solution is to be disposed of according to the manufacturer’s instructions and/or regulations in force in the country of use.

Warning! Never drink the descaling solution or any products dispensed until the cycle has been carried out to the end. Never use vinegar as a descaling solution.

  1. Insert the filter holder (without coffee) into the brew unit from the bottom and turn it from left to right until it locks into place.
  2.  Remove and empty the water tank.
  3. Pour the ENTIRE content of the GAGGIA concentrated descaling solution into the water tank, then fill the tank with fresh drinking water up to the MAX level.
  4. Remove the Pannarello (or Cappuccinatore) installed on the steam wand, if any.
  5. Turn on the machine by pressing the ON/OFF button ). The indicator light turns on. Fill up 2 cups of water (about 150 ml each) from the steam / hot water wand and turn off the machine by pressing the ON/OFF button; the indicator light turns off.
  6. Let the descaling solution take eff ect for approx.15-20 minutes with the machine turned off.
  7. Turn on the machine by pressing the ON/OFF button. The indicator light turns on. Fill up 2 cups of water (about 150 ml each) from the steam / hot water wand. Then turn off the machine by pressing the ON/OFF button and leave it off for 3 minutes.
  8. Repeat the operations described in step 7 until the water tank is completely empty.
  9. Rinse the tank and fill it again with fresh drinking water.
  10. Place a container under the steam wand (Pannarello). Open the knob slowly by turning it counterclockwise. Press the brew button.
  11. Dispense the whole water tank content through the steam/hot water wand.
    Press the brew button again to end the operation. Close the knob by turning it clockwise.
  12. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water.
  13. Place a suitable container under the filter holder.
  14. Press the brew button and dispense all the water in the tank. Once the water tank is empty, stop dispensing by pressing the brew button again. At the end, empty the container.
  15. Repeat the operations from step 9 once again for a total of 4 tanks.

The machine is now ready to be used. Remove the filter holder from the unit by turning it from right to left and rinse it with fresh drinking water. The descaling cycle is now complete.

Fill the tank again with fresh water. If necessary, prime the circuit. Once finished, reposition the previously installed Pannarello (or Cappuccinatore) on the steam wand.

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