What do I do when the coffee machine needs descaling?


In hard water areas, minerals found in the water will accumulate and affect operation of the unit.
Approximately every two months (this can vary depending on use and water condition), clean the machine with Gaggia descaler (in which case follow the instructions on the packet).

  1.  Remove shower disc and clean.
  2. Pour solution into tank and turn on pump for 15 seconds. Allow solution to flow through brewing head and steam nozzle for several seconds. Wait 20 minutes, then repeat process until solution has been run through.
  3. Rinse machine thoroughly by running plain cold water through machine. Replace shower disc.

NOTE: Product failure due to scale accumulation is not covered by warranty. No other servicing should be attempted by the user. Use “Gaggia cleaner” for best results.

Click here to see the video "How to descale your coffee machine".

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