How do I descale my coffee machine?


Scale forms during normal use of the appliance; a descaling treatment should be carried out every 3-4 months, either when you notice a reduced water flow or the following message is displayed:

If you wish to carry this out at home, you can use a commercially available descaling product for coffee makers that is non-toxic and/or not harmful.
Caution! Never use vinegar.

To descale the appliance proceed as follows:

  1. Mix the descaling agent with water as directed on the package and fill the tank with the solution.
  2. Switch on the machine by pressing the on/off switch.
  3. Press the  button for at least 5 seconds to select the function; the following message will appear on the display:

  4. Direct the steam pipe over the drip tray.
  5. Place a receptacle of adequate capacity beneath the steam pipe and turn the hot water knob anticlockwise. The machine will start an automatic descaling cycle including pauses preset by the manufacturer and automatically controlled by the machine. The display will show:

  6. At the end of the cycle, the flow of descaling solution will be stopped and the display will show:

  7. Turn the hot water knob clockwise to shut off flow. The display will show:

  8. Thoroughly rinse out the water tank and fill it with fresh drinking water.

  9. Place a receptacle of adequate capacity beneath the steam pipe and press the button .

  10. Turn the steam knob anticlockwise to empty out the contents of the water tank.

  11. When the machine rinse cycle is completed the display will show:

  12. Close the tap, reload the circuit and let the machine heat up.

If you use a product other than the recommended one, you should follow the manufacturer’s directions on the package.

If the descaling cycle is interrupted by switching the machine OFF, it will automatically resume when the machine is switched back ON.
The descaling cycle can be interrupted by turning the steam knob clockwise and then pressing the button .
The display will show:

Warning! After interrupting the cycle you must empty the water tank of the descaling solution and wash out the tank with fresh drinking water; the machine circuit must be cleansed by carrying out a rinse cycle. The display will show:

Follow the directions for a normal rinse cycle.

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