How do I descale my Gaggia Platinum?


Regular descaling is necessary to ensure the long life of your Gaggia machine. How frequently the descaling procedure must be carried out, depends how regularly you use your machine. 30 liters is the benchmark for ‘very hard water’ – so if your Gaggia has consumed 30 liters, descaling should be done. It does not matter whether the water was used for brewing coffee, frothing the milk or just to rinse the system. 


Water hardness

Descaling frequency*


Soft water (up to 7ºdH)

Approx. every 3 months / 120 litres


Medium water (7º-14ºdH)

Approx. every 2 months / 90 litres


Hard water (15º-21ºdH)

Approx. every 6 weeks / 60 litres


Very hard water (over 21ºdH)

Approx. every 4 weeks / 30 litres

* Without Prima water filter

Attention: Do not use vinegar to descale. A person must be present during the operation.
When descaling use a non-toxic and/or non-harmful descaling solution for coffee machines, commonly
available on the market. The used solution is to be disposed of according to the manufacturer’s instructions and/or
regulations in force in the country of use.
Remove the “Aqua Prima” water filter (if available) before you´ll start descaling. Also make sure that you have one or more containers of suitable size nearby (min. 1.5 lt).

You descale your machine as follows:

  1. Enter the menu via pressing , go to 'maintenance' and press .
  2. Go to 'descaling'.  
  3. With approving 'execute now' the procedure will start.
  4. When the machine is heated, the “open water/steam knob” message appears. 
  5. Place a container beneath the steam spout.
  6. Turn the knob to the reference.
  7. When the following message appears, the heater is at the right temperature. 
  8. Pour the descaling solution into the tank. Insert the tank into the machine.
  9. Press the button to start.  
  10. The machine begins to dispense the descaling solution through the hot water spout. The dispensing occurs at predetermined intervals, in order to allow the solution to be more effective.
  11. The intervals are displayed in such a way as to check the state of progress of the process. Wait until the solution is finished. 
  12. Remove the water tank, rinse with fresh drinking water to eliminate traces of descaling solution, then refill with fresh drinking water.  
  13. Insert the tank with fresh drinking water. Rinse the machine’s circuits by pressing the  button.
  14. When the rinse cycle is fi nished the following screen appears. Then the display shows the maintenance screen. 
  15. Turn the knob until it is in the rest position . Check the quantity of water in the tank and install the “Aqua Prima” water fi lter again, if desired.

When descaling is complete, return to the main menu to dispense beverages.

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