My PowerUp toothbrush is loud and vibrates strongly. Is there something wrong with my toothbrush?


The PowerUp toothbrush operates at approximately 15,000 brush strokes per minute. If you are accustomed to using a manual toothbrush or another type of power toothbrush, the normal sound and vibration of the PowerUp in operation may seem unusual to you.

However, you can check a few things to make sure everything is operating normally.

1. Is there a brush head on your PowerUp toothbrush handle? The sound and vibration characteristics of a toothbrush handle with a brush head attached differ from the characteristics of the same handle without a brush head attached.

2. If a brush head is attached to the PowerUp toothbrush handle, check to make sure that the brush head is securely attached and not loose. If the brush head cannot be securely attached and it continues to be loose, replace it with a new brush head.

3. If a brush head is attached to the PowerUp toothbrush handle and it is securely locked on, check to see if the transparent plastic travel cap is still fitted on the brush head. If so, remove it.


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